There are many forms of education needed for a healthy and thriving community beyond our basic education system. We believe to accomplish our mission of community impact we need to address the ever-changing gaps in education in our community. To accomplish this, we will partner with experts in those areas and assist them with community connection to the people or organizations that need assistance.

Impact Xenia’s Education Initiatives

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Education for Churches

Mission Increase

Impact Xenia is dedicated to the idea that nurturing a thriving community requires recognizing the importance of diverse educational initiatives that extend beyond our fundamental education system. While our communities already house numerous commendable educational efforts aimed at children’s development, we firmly believe that fulfilling our mission of creating a meaningful impact on the broader community necessitates addressing the continuously evolving gaps in education.

Achieving this vision necessitates a coordinated approach that involves community engagement, fostering collaborative partnerships, conducting needs assessments, and mobilizing resources.

At present, no one program in place effectively coordinates and disseminates the valuable contributions made by schools, churches, businesses, ministries, and local government bodies in Greene County.

Our strategy revolves around the creation of training programs and connection services designed to bridge the gap among these diverse entities. As facilitators of seamless collaboration and resource-sharing, we aim to pave the way for healthier and happier communities through our education initiatives.