Impact Xenia’s desire is to facilitate community collaboration in the areas of Health, Education, Business, and Faith. When these sectors come together, we believe it will allow for a more sustainable and longer-lasting community impact.


In all areas of health care, we strive to improve the overall health of our region by filling the healthcare void with safety net services to those in need. This is accomplished not only through our own free health clinic (Living Well Clinic) but with the assistance of many partners that specialize in education, nutrition, and other specific areas of care. All with the goal of a healthier, happier, and more stable community.


There are many forms of education needed for a healthy and thriving community beyond our basic education system. We believe to accomplish our mission of community impact we need to address the ever-changing gaps in education in our community. To accomplish this, we will partner with experts in those areas and assist them with community connection to the people or organizations that need assistance.


It takes a diverse group of healthy and engaged businesses to impact a community for good. Through our partnerships with business professionals and organizations. We will offer collaborative opportunities, education, coaching, strategic planning, and funding resource opportunities to our business community.


We believe that without God and His engaged faith community there is no way for us to accomplish community transformation. Our goal is to assist in facilitating and empowering churches to support and participate in the great things happening in their communities.


WHAT:   IMPACT XENIA has the vision to see a community collaboratively unified and focused on a goal that positively impacts the lives of all its residents and guests.

HOW:   IMPACT XENIA has a mission to catalyze strategic community impact through collaborative efforts with public and private partners in the areas of Health, Education, business, and Faith.