At the inception of Living Well Clinic 14 years ago the original task force knew that God was preparing LWC to be a force for kingdom growth and connection in His community. During the early formative years, much growth, wisdom, and expertise was gained through serving our patients and the faith community at large.

After 11 years of not only serving people, but creating significant partnerships and relationships with regional non-profits, businesses, and faith communities, the Lord led our CEO and the board to start looking at the other needs and service gaps in our city and region. After evaluating the need, opportunity, and calling to step up and serve more people, LWC leadership decided to make a change by leveraging our experience, relationships, and expertise to form IMPACT Xenia. This new organization allows not only us but you, our supporters, to have even greater opportunities for transformation and regional Impact. Impact Xenia’s focus is to be a catalyst of projects in the areas of Health, Education, Business, and Faith by bringing those sectors together for a common goal.  [Learn more at]

“Impact Xenia creates a common ground where we can make sure all the pieces of the puzzle are coming
together for our community.”
– Sarah Mays, Mayor of the City of Xenia, and Impact Xenia Board Member.

You may be asking, what does this mean for LWC? What it means is that while our organizational name may have changed, nothing with clinical services has changed and it is just part of our health initiative. These organizational changes allow for more comprehensive services, making LWC a more dynamic program, and allowing for even more hope and healing for the medically underserved in our region. []

“One of our long-term patients recently came for her last visit to LWC. We had been able to help with her various areas of need to maintain her health, allowing her to work and provide for her family. During the last visit, our director assisted her by walking her through what she needed to do to start processing her Medicare and gave advice on how to manage it all. She had tears in her eyes as she left because she really didn’t want to leave! She told our office staff that Living Well Clinic had been such a blessing to her. She worked but didn’t make enough money to afford health insurance, so our team had been a bridge to staying healthy. She wanted to volunteer for any events to “give back” and left praising the Lord for her time here.” 

“What Impact Xenia is really working towards is moving beyond the continuum of moving someone to no discernable illness, but actually focusing on the whole well-being of the person, to take them to where they can reach their own God-given potential.”

– Jonathan Duffy, Vice-President for Mission & Ministry, Kettering Health Network.

Over the last 13 years, none of this work would have been possible without the Lord’s guidance and the provisions of His people through prayer, volunteerism, and financial support. Our team is excited for the future, and we look forward to what the future holds, but we cannot do this without your help.

My journey with Living Well started when I knew my next step was to become involved in missional activities locally. Enough of just supporting and just thinking about it. It was time to do something and get involved.” 

– Dr Bruce Binder, retired family physician and 14-year volunteer at LWC.

So how can you help us reach more people in 2024? You can partner with us in Prayer, Giving, and/or Volunteering. Our year-end needs for funding kingdom impact into 2024 are multifaceted. Yes, every organization needs money, and our Dec 31st goal is $30,000. However, we recognize none of this is possible without dedicated partners, volunteers, and prayer warriors so in addition to funding, we also hope to gain at least 5 new volunteers and grow our praying team by 200%!!

Will you join us in reaching the “far ends” of Greene County by catalyzing transformation within our community!!