We believe that without God and His engaged faith community there is no way for us to accomplish community transformation. Our goal is to assist in facilitating and empowering churches to support and participate in the great things happening in their communities.

Impact Xenia’s Pillars for Faith Engagement

The leadership at Impact Xenia believes and it is our conviction, that true community transformation is inseparable from God and an active engagement and participation of our faith communities is necessary for true transformation. Our Faith Initiative revolves around community identified and created programming which aids, empowers and activates churches and their congregations to more easily collaborate for greater impact in the areas they are passionate about.

We accomplish this by focusing on these three pillars:

Pastoral Guidance

Recognizing the pivotal role of spiritual leaders, we emphasize the importance of pastoral guidance. Local pastors are not only spiritual mentors but also community organizers, guiding and activating their congregations in understanding their role in effecting positive change by connecting the spiritual core with the tangible needs of the community, while fostering a sense of shared responsibility and purpose to impact the lives of others.

Volunteer Opportunities

Harnessing the power of willing hearts and hands, we encourage individuals to volunteer their time and skills. Through collective efforts, we aim to address the diverse needs of the community, from outreach programs to mentorship initiatives.

Investing in the Kingdom

Our vision extends beyond mere contributions; we advocate for an investment of resources, both material and immaterial. This investment, directed toward projects aligned with the principles of compassion and upliftment, serves as a testament to our commitment to making a lasting impact.

In our pursuit of community Impact and transformation, these pillars stand as a testament to the belief that, with God at the center and a faith community actively engaged, churches can be powerful catalysts for fostering positive change in the communities they serve.