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2023 Living Well Clinic Mental Health Conference Speaker Application

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Impact Xenia and its health initiative, Living Well Clinic, is requesting speaker proposals for the 2023 Mental Health Conference scheduled for October 14, 2023 at Sinclair Community College's Centerville Campus Event Center. The October 14th conference is designed to address issues and topics that individuals, family members, schools, churches, and the community face daily.

IMPACT XENIA has the vision to see a community collaboratively unified and focused on a goal that positively impacts the lives of all its residents and guests.  By hosting and sponsoring the 2023 Conference, Keys to Hope, we work to fulfill this vision by creating an even greater opportunity for community education in the area of mental health within our region.

Saturday, October 14, 2023 - Full Conference with Breakout Sessions & Guest Speakers

We invite proposals that will further awareness and solutions to the growing mental health needs of the community. Facts about mental health issues, ideas for implementing awareness, reducing stigma, and improved access to resources are all necessary for a successful conference.  If you have questions, call Amy Thompson at 937-372-7177.

Friday, October 13, 2023 - Pastoral & Ministerial Dinner & Session

Mental Health and the Church...sometimes those two subjects together are met with closed doors. Depression, anxiety, self-harm, addiction, or suicidal thoughts are not often topics that Christians want to admit or address. Yet, we cannot ignore the growing problem within society, our churches, friends and family, or even within ourselves. As the hands and feet of Christ, we are to minister to one another in every struggle whether physical or emotional. Let’s change the way we view mental health, educate & equip ourselves with the proper keys of understanding, and open the doors to honest, biblical discussion where True Hope is found. If you are interested in being a part of this discussion, please let us know at the checkbox at the end of this form.


If you know of other contacts, vendors, or speakers that might be interested in being a part, please forward this application to them.


We are looking for presentations that will accomplish four main objectives. They should:

  • Educate (info, symptoms/signs, misconceptions)
  • Encourage (words of hope, examples/testimonials)
  • Equip (tools, resources, advice)
  • Engage (Q&A, participation).


Submission topics can be in any area related to mental health, common misconceptions, best community awareness programs, and resources for those in need of care.  Examples of topics usually appearing in the program include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Addiction
  • Suicide Awareness
  • Mental Health & the Church
  • Mental Health Issues in Teens/Young Adults
  • Mental Health Issues in Children
  • Mental Health Issues in the Elderly
  • Abortion Recovery
  • Eating Disorders
  • Grief
  • Sexuality & Gender Issues
  • Post-Partum Depression
  • Bipolar Depression
  • PTSD
  • OCD
  • ADHD/Autism


Sample Themes within your topic:

  • A specific mental health issue that is misunderstood or prominent in the community.
  • How to address mental health concerns in the church/school
  • How to address mental health issues in children at church/school
  • How to address mental health issues in a youth group setting
  • When your spouse struggles with mental health issues
  • How to be a supportive friend or family member
  • Caregiver strategies
  • How to educate your children when a parent struggles with mental health issues
  • How to expand care and/or increase awareness of a certain mental health issue


Speakers will need to

  • Provide tangible resources and information that attendees can apply.
  • Provide information and/or results about the topics that are being presented.
  • Show relevant subject matter expertise.
  • Share a PowerPoint Presentation or documents that can be electronically shared with all attendees.
  • Provide a robust and informational presentation, rather than just anecdotal.



Your application will be read and scored by the Committee using the following criteria:

Presentation Title (5 points max)

• Concise and informative

• Catches the audience's attention

Presentation Description (35 points max)

• Priority topic is clearly defined

• Key points, impact, and importance of topic are clearly stated

• Description is well written, clear, and concise

Presentation Summary (20 points max)

• Catches the audience's attention

• Priority topic and impact, and importance of topic are clear

• Summary is well written, clear, and concise

Presentation Objectives (15 points max)

• Presenter can specifically state the objectives

• Objectives align with topics and key points in the presentation description

• Presenter utilizes action words in objective statements

Additional Points (15 Points max)

• First Time Presenter submission (5 points)

• Presentation topic is different and unique (5 points)

Applicant Information


Presenter Information


Please provide a detailed description of your presentation including an overview of the topic, key points, and the impact and importance of the topic on mental health.
Please provide a brief summary of your presentation. If your presentation is selected, this will be the summary printed in the conference guide.
Please list three objectives of the presentation. Objectives should begin with an action verb followed by a brief description of a key takeaway for participants. Ex. The participant will be able to recognize symptoms of XXX and become aware of methods of care.
Target Audience (check all that apply)
Are you available & interested in participating in the Friday Evening Ministerial Training?
Please submit your speaker form As Soon As Possible!!  If you have any questions, please email amy@livingwellclinic.org.
Please attach any documents you might deem important here:
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